In 2012, the first phase of the development started with the innovative taste of our energy drink. After many recipe changes and tastings which allowed us to develop a pleasant taste with a distinctive character. One which was completely different from all other energy drinks. Once over 500 individuals judged the taste of "Cube Energy" to be revolutionary and innovative, we were on the search for a suitable logo.

The company logo should have many different aspects such as market perception, identification, emotion, timeless yet attractive design as well as a clear and distinct determination to be considered competitive. The logo should achieve the largest audience possible and a be clear break from existing energy drinks.

In our opinion the ideal logo design should be discussed with many designers from different backgrounds, therefore we have decided upon a worldwide logo development with a call for proposals. Over 120 Designers from many different countries took park from Brazil, through to Japan, Australia, USA, Canada, Europe, etc., who submitted a total of 200 proposals. Now at last we were able to develop and complete the perfect logo in close collaboration with selected designers. No sooner said than done however as how do the consumers view our logo. Once again we left nothing to chance, we carried out a market survey among passersby in a few German cities. In addition independent partners (German supermarkets) were interviewed.

Our logo has a clear and distinctive message, perfectly combining power and freshness as well as lifestyle. It is an eye catching logo which is clearly visible at the point of sale and on the shelf. The logo is also totally transformable so that consumers immediately recognize all their future Cube Energy® beverages. Curious?

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